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Dry Compression Bags – Never going back!

Light Compression Drybag from Sea2Summ

You wanna get here? You gotta get wet - so pack some dry bags.

You’ve all had the pizza or beer that just ruins everything else in the genre by it’s excellence, right? For me it was the Doppelbock at Loenbrau Keller in Munich last March. But this is about compressions sacks.

The sea to summit compression sack is compeatitive on weight with other clothing/sleeping bag squishing bags that I’ve had BUT it’s also water proof! I’m never getting anything else. Now I don’t have to worry when there’s a microburst and you get soaked you can rest assured that you’re down bag will come out dry. I bought this one and a granite gear stuff sack with the same water-repelling resume for a trip through the Buckskin Gulch and down the Pariah River and I’ll take them on every trip I do from here on out.

Buckskin was dry enough that we didn’t really need to worry about getting our bags wet. Unless you are small. Below RR and I are negotiating the Cesspool in Buckskin Gulch.

There is the water line on my blue shorts (may they rest in peace)

We had to carry the Boy and his bag so they didn’t sink in the mud, plus the little guy is VERY poorly insulated and we wanted to keep him as dry as possible. Mostly because he was carrying all of our WAG BAGS. You can see the waterline on my shorts. The low water level we found in the canyon is not typical or to be expected. When it’s deeper this section becomes a long swim and keeping gear dry is essential not just for comfort but for treating hypothermia. If your down bag gets wet while you are getting cold it’s not going to warm you up when you are needing it. (We’ll have more on this when we go through the packing list for walks like this one)

I have to admit that I was a little disspointed that I didn’t get to put these dry bags through their paces in Buckskin, but when RR and I hit the Narrows later in the summer I was not dissapointed. There was lots of water, and inside the bags there was much dryness to be had.

The Narrows has more deep water and less miles than Buckskin-Pariah but both have similar gear parameters so again clothes and some down went into the drybags. But this time there was swimming, floating, wading, and splashing to be had.

This is the 1000 megawatt stoke on my face!


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