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Lone Peak IV: The Jacob’s Ladder Trail

A good map, skyline and compass... well and the skills to use them.

About thirty minutes after reaching the Ghost Falls TH I topped out on the loop that mountain bikers do when they say they are riding Jacob’s Ladder, at 6250′ Jacob’s was just getting started! I took a quick break for some water and calories and then got back after it. Now with two poles as the going got steeper. I’d been in my merino wool shirt since I cached the bike, but the wind picked up while I was stopped and I started to get cold so out came the nano puff for the next few minutes while I got warm again. The wool shirt was comfy still but soaked so I tied it to the pack to see if I could get it to dry a bit. I was throwing off so much water that I had something drying back there for the rest of the day!

Getting warm with the Nano and the Bala

The Girl saw this picture and had two questions, “why do you look so sad?” and “why do you have pants on your head?”

I’m not sad I’m cold and I’m loving how the Nano Puff Pullover is taking care of that. That’s not pants it’s a balakava at half staff!

I’ve got a lost to say about gear from this trip that I’ll save, but I’ve got some jems!


The going here got steep… ladder steep.

I lucked into this map on del interwebos and with it’s clear trail markings and more focused size it proved more helpful for routefinding that my national geographic map. This is simply because it’s smaller focus allowed greater detail.


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