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Lone Peak II: The Approach

Rolled out of the house in Midvale (for you out of towners that’s sort of by the canyon where they keep Snowbird) on my trusty steed: SS Specialized Crux. HAmmer time! I wanted to get on the route ASAHP so I rode hard to Draper where I locked the bike in a thicket of pin oak about 100 m from the Andy Ballard Equestrian center trailhead.

I’d like to point out here that everyone else who has written about climbing lone peak isn’t a mountain biker and doesn’t know about Ghost Hollow trail that goes straight to the Jacob’s ladder trail head. I’m a mountain biker so I know. I walked up enjoying the trail just, starting into fall color, at a much slower speed than normal. Ghost is a great descent so most of it is a blur. 50 minutes later I was at the Jacob’s Ladder TH. Feeling great and ready for the real work to come.

Gear Notes: The Trail Glove was simply FUn to wear on this section. The soft soil and roots were great to walk on. I found myself only using one of the Leki khumbu’s on this section because the grade is tempered by switchbacks.


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