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Planning for Moab

Corona Arch near Moab, Utah

My sister’s birthday is coming up. So we are taking a trip. She’s studying phtography so I thought I’d get her down south for some arch snapping.

Planning Materials

My plan:

Goals: Get in some good bouldering, take lil’ A (my sister) on a tour of some of what Moab has to offer. Give her the opportunity to shoot some awesome sandstone.

Thursday 6:00 AM: Hit the road with coffee.

10:00 AM Arrive  in Moab, UT. Set up camp at Big Bend. I’ll do most of the work and let lil’ A just shoot all she wants.

10:15/10:30 Hit Negro Bill canyon and walk up to Morning Glory arch. This arch is one of the big shooting opportunities of the trip. Since it’s really spectacular at sunrise I’m hoping this hike will give us a good sense for how long the walk will take and help us find our way because were going to be walking there in the dark!


Bouldering, Fissure towers, maybe shoot them in the sunset.

Then hit the big bend boulders till dark.

Friday AM – Sunrise shoot at Morning Glory arch. Check out corona and bowtie. Hit the boulder in the parking lot. Check out the petroglyphs. on the road home by noon.


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