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Patagonia NanoPuff Pullover

I got turned on to this fine bit of fluffy by my facebook-friend-but-not-even-acquaintance, and disaster-style climbing legend Kelly Cordes, while I was in the market for some down. Disclaimer: I got this from the SLC Patagonia Outlet for $56 and since it retails for $140 that’s pretty much like being sponsored!

Me and the NanoPuff at 6000' feet on the Lone Peak keep'en the core warm.

On this summer’s spate of canyoneering trips I realized that a packable chunk of insulation (read: a puffy) was not just a nice bit of hippy steeze for shredding groomers, and an important bit for backcountry persuits, but also an important backpacking canyoneering item. I spent about two weeks of evenings in a borrowed down jacket this summer and realized how essential it is on trips down rivers, narrows and long slots it is to have insulation so light that you won’t leave it at home.

I was set on dropping $200+  on a down sweater but then I saw that none of the alpine climbers sponsored by patagonia are rocking down, specifically KC packs the NanoPuff pullover.

The NanoPuff Pullover is simple and light, but so are down peices. So I ask you to consider, when your down gets sucked into your ATC and shredded? What then? Well the NanoPuff’s synthetic bats stay in. Say you are charging 2000′ vert an hour stop to eat and check maps and then the wind kicks up and you throw on your down and get moving, your core temp skyrockets and you start throwing water like a sprinkler system and don’t stop to change till your down is soaked? The Nano did just fine in just this contect still warm. Still comfy.

Me and the NanoPuff on the CX Bike on the way to the climb.

Even dripping wet. But noteably quite toasty on a 40 degree trail run. Just the ticket on a steep, deep melty 35 degree grovel up a route I couldn’t find.

Further plusses:

No zipper ends for me to shred!

I’m actually loving the pullover, the zip is long enough that it comes off super swift and it vents well just opening the chest.

No zip in the harness/rope management zone.


10 oz!


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