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Look Quartz Mountain Bike Pedals

The Look Quartz are it. We all have different metrics and I’m saying that my mine these are the perfect MTB pedal.

This spring I’d been running Crank Brothers egg beaters for maybe four years. Including a solid stint (2years) where I had egg beaters on my road bike. Before that I’d been running a pair of Shimano XTR hand-me-downs for about ten years same pair.

First, why I quit the XTR club, even though the pedals are indestructible: poor performance. These pedals were impossible to get in and out of quickly. The.end. Also they were bricks. Sure they were more than a decade old, I could have upgraded but the new XTR look the same, weigh a ton and cost 400$. I’m not wasting that kind of coin on a clipless pedal that sucks and weighs a ton.

Now Crank Bros. These guys have performance nailed. Easy in, easy out even in mud. I’ll admit that durability is much lower on these, but for the normal metal models price is good too. Oh and they are lighter than the Shimanos in all of the XC models. Even the high end acids (incidentally quite my favorite of the line) with their nearly full pedal base are lighter than XTRs. My issue is platform. I’ve got one thing going for me and it’s power. All the CBs with the exception of the very heavy mallets are simply too small underfoot and they roll when I throwdown the watts. This is really tough on my knees, hips and back.

The Quartz are similar in durability to the CBs, but as far as I know not rebuildable. But they are 99$ MSRP and weigh less than any Shimano pedal. They clear mud and are easy to get into and out of, weigh little and cost little.

Quartz: Clear mud, weigh nothing, good support, cost nothing. Less durable than shimano, but they actually function as a clipless pedal, and for me Shimano do not.


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