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My Racing Mistake

It took looking at all of my HR data from my cyclocross races and found something huge.

I’ve been riding hard this year, but I’ve had some mechanical issues and a few crashes but have been just out of the top ten all season. Last weekend I had my best result with a hard fought 9th place.

Here’s my power file from that race:

The first 33 or so minutes are the end of my warmup. I should be going a little deeper in warmup but my starts have been strong so I’m not too concerned. Here’s the thing. That big drop about ten minutes into the race happens in every race! What seems to happen is I see that I’m around a bunch of guys that are, in my mind, way faster than me and I let them go, then go back to racing. but looking at the file it looks like I don’t need that rest.

This comes down to toughness. I have untapped fitness. This week we’ll see if I have the mental strength to attack instead of fading. My plan is to have a solid start and chase every person who passes me for the first two laps. then hold that pace for the third and fourth and then set up the finish with passes early in the lap.

This week’s course also has a large hill at the start of the lap with moderate descending from there. I’m far more efficient that most of the guys in my race on the descent and I’m as light as I’ve been all season so the goal on the hill will be to carry speed off the summit and really slay the rest of the lap.

It’s supposed to snow so I’m already getting stoked.


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