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New Max HR!

Racing on golf courses takes me back to racing around the golf course near my house as a kid in Rochester, MN. Since it was MN there was as often as not some rain and snow going on.

Conditions at this weeks UTCX were very South-east Minnesota! And there was a monster of a hill. I rode hard and did my best not to rest, I did my best to give the hill 99% every lap and then turn it up to 110 on the flats coming off the top of the hill.

This was a lot of work. So much work in fact that I found out that my max heart rate is 192 and not 189. So I’ve just been slacking all this time. Time to recover and try harder.

Here’s the file for my warm-up (too long) and the race:

So the goal for this week’s race at wheeler farm is to get the hole shot and keep the pressure on for the first two laps. Fight for every wheel, follow every move. Then settle in for the third lap and race the last lap. Lap one and two (first ten/twenty minutes of the race) is all about using my power and top speed everywhere. The hills last week made me go deeper longer than I have in any other race. Since wheeler farm is flat I’m pretty confident that I won’t be able to replicate that effort no matter how hard I try, so the goal is simply to go as hard as I can everywhere! Simply no need to rest if that means people are going to pass me. I’m interested to see how I stack up against others in my race with this new understanding of what sort of effort I am capeable of. Last week turned out to be a brutal, but pivotal effort.


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