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16 ptex candles


Caleb (now hitched and on a plane to Puerto Rico – Congrats bro (not trying to be gangster…he’s actually my brother)) said it well – we bought a longer season with our bases. I spent a few hours and most of a ptex candle trying to put something back in my ptex account.

The process for this is pretty simple:

You can do some prep with a razor blade to get anything that sticks up out of the base off.

(1)Get a ptex candle – Backcountry.com has a pack of four for six bucks, but I’m sure your local ski shoppe can hook you up nicely, anywhere that rents will also have mounds no doubt.
(2)Light the candle – I used a lighter, make sure you get the candle burning using the blue part of the flame to lower the soot content of the material.
(3)Let the candle drip into the gashes in your base.
(4)Use a metal scraper, much like you would with wax, to remove the excess and smooth the base. I usually hit any rough areas with a little bit of hi grit sand paper.


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