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2012 Training Week 1

After a few years of racing and training hard on bikes I’ve worked up a good bit of stagnation. The plan this year is to add in some running, climbing, and skiing to keep things fresh. I’ve worked out a pretty good approach in my head. I’ll spend a few posts getting that all out there but here’s what I’m starting with (note I’m not REALLY detrained, even though I haven’t been racing I’ve been skining, riding and climbing… but not running).

Monday (Power):
Lunch at the Front – 1hr on very overhung routes after warming up and 3-10 tries on the crimpy project.
15 min run
30 spinx, 30 leg raises
Leg Blasters (via getstrongergolonger.com)

Tuesday (endurance):
40 min spin – 130-140 hr
Stretch/rolling pin/foam roller
30 problems at the front (15 at lunch, 15 after dinner), sets of five) – focus on fluid efficient movement and not getting pumped in the set.

Wednesday: Off

15 Minute run
3-10 tries on TBD project at lunch. Then work repeats focus on footwork 30 Problems after dinner.
Leg raises, spinx.


Something in zone 2 for 2 hours

Run Corner Canyon trails before christmas at the inlaws – 40 minutes.


2 responses

  1. Monday Training report: Used the run as an oppertunity to get the HR up, then warmed up on the wall. Once I was feeling pretty good I jumped on the hardest overhung problemI’ve been able to link moves on and gave it about ten tries. Made good progress and should be able to tic it tonight. I need to work repeats on big over hangs to master this technique and build strength. I was careful not to overdo the leg blasters because they are easy to overdo.

    December 20, 2011 at 2:10 pm

  2. great week! Spent two hrs on skins at sundance for my zone 2 work. Feeling healthy and strong for late december.

    December 26, 2011 at 9:56 pm

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