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On Gear Reviews

I’ve put up this site and done my best to post here because I wanted a place to ramble on and on about gear.

To this point my goal has been simply to post, that being the first battle. Quality also matters.

I’ve stumbled across an interesting conversation on the way a review should happen:

gearjunkie.com, a prolific and even syndicated gear reviewer, has put together a piece on how to write a gear review.

bedrock & paradox hates gearjunkie, but likes the post on how to write a good review.

Meanwhile coldthistle does the best job of reviewing stuff you’ve seen anywhere.

Here’s a post where Brian Harder of getstrongergolonger.com introduces piece from Camp exemplarily. 

I’ll do my best to consider and get beyond the marketing copy. Don’t expect me to spend much time here bashing stuff that doesn’t work – I’m more interested in making things work, but if something fails you’ll be the first to know.



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