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Laps at Brighton!

Caught the 9:48 AM bus up big cottonwood canyon to Brighton. Skinned to the top of the crest lift then skied Thunder Road to the Snake Creek Express then took the really long and kind of wrong way up to Great Western Express. There I bumped into a dude named Tom who knows my old boss, Racer, we chatted and I got super cold. My hands were saved by some extremely packable mitts from Patagonia via my lil sister. On the down (endless winter) I think I saw Jared Inouye… Then he nearly caught me on the next lap.

Great day out. Also I’m stoked to realize that an AT setup comes with a season pass to Brighton!

Here’s the data from my suunto:

26 ft/min (including transitions and conversations)

Great day out at a sustainable pace!


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