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Patagonia Mittens


Gear’s no good if you don’t bring it.

I have a pair of Swany Triplex mitts that are considerably warm and sturdy, but they are bricks to pack and carry (I’ll add weights in a minute) so when I’m going fast and light and especially when I’m packing for a full day of varied activities I’m always trying to leave them behind if I want a pack that’s not annoying to carry/doesn’t slow me down. I useually leave them at home infavor of a pair of gloves that doesn’t keep my hand’s very warm.

These mittens solve that problem. They are like little sleeping bags for your hands. Not incredibly dexterous but they weigh little, pack down to nothing and save your hands on a freezing descent after a slow transition from the up to the down. These guys won’t make it on every trip but they are a must for days when I ride the bus to Brighton to ski laps and don’t want to rent a locker.


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