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How many days will you?

Great little piece from adventure-journal.com reminded me about my goal to get out on skis at least 10 days by New Year’s day. Done and done! Two solid weeks off of work I got in five days per week.

I’m pretty ambivalent (having mixed or conflicted feelings… people misuse that one a lot – I like the biblical phrase “halt between two opinions” because it captures my situation.) about resolutions and goals, but I’m a big proponent of habits/routines  you enjoy and that prepare you for the adventures you want to do.

For example, I’ve been climbing twice per week and doing some hangboard/pullup bar work twice per week. This gives me a nice workout, plenty of  time to just play, and plenty of recovery. I’m using this work as most of my core/strength training for the coming bike season, and I don’t have to burn any of my stoke thinking about preping the season.

Ski mountaineering has the same benifit. Great way to improve the engine while staying off the bike.

My workout plan for Jan/Feb is:

2 Sessions on Skis
2 Sessions in the gym (a muerte)
2 short runs + some stretching and back/hip work
1 Trainer session

… and taste 100 bottles of wine this year… but that’s a whole other blog, well actually it’s this thing made of paper called a notebook.


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