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Climb like a girl

The Girl has often, and rightly, complained about how hard it is to be “hard core” and a girl in sports dominated by dudes. That seems to be most sports. Just for context The Girl managed a bike shop for two years after working her way to the top, and she still had to battle the cute-blonde-can’t-possible-know-what-she’s-talking-about syndrome that afflicts most male cyclists and nearly all mechanics. The reality of the situation is that not only does she know more than you, but she could also drop your fat ass on any ride on any given day… unless you’re a legitimate pro, in which case you’ve probably seen her race and have been cured of your cute-blonde-can’t-possible-know-what-she’s-talking-about affliction.

The climbing media seems to only notice a handful of women that really climb hard, though there is a strong tradition of men being VERY VERY wrong about how hard women can climb. For example, Lynn Hill – The nose free in a day. ’nuff said.

This year seems to be the beginning of the end of that. First the ascent everyone’s been talking about:

Sasha DiGiulian. “Pure Imagination” 5.14d (9a). from adidas Outdoor on Vimeo.

The Girl’s commentary on this is simple – in addition to climbing insanely hard, it’s great to see that she is significantly and unapologetically girly. This is important, not because girls have to be girly and climbing videos about chicks sending 5.14d need to feature long segments on the color pink (though this one sertainly does) but this creates space for girls to do that.

Here’s another video of a girl who climbs super hard and isn’t pretending she’s a dude…although I don’t know why she has her hands in her shirt at the beginning of the video. Maybe her hands are cold, I would put my hands in my pants but maybe that’s because I’m a dude.


So, since people like to name years the Year of Something, I’m going to call this the Year of Girls Unapologetically Kicking Ass.

Like this multi-pitch beast:

Barbara Zangerl Hotel Supramonte from Planetmountain.com on Vimeo.


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