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Outdoor Retailers: Stuff I’m Stoked About

I saw Rienhold Messner, and Chris Sharma, and Cedar Wright. So it’s cool to know that they are real people.

And some quick products that I’m pretty stoked about, in my recent dive into the skimo world I’ve read about a bunch of innovative designs so this was a great chance to get my hands on them:

The whole Camp Skimo line! laid hands on the camp Rapid 260 Pack and their helmets. Petzl has some competitive options but no one is doing what camp is with their packs.

This pack’s weight is silly, but the material feels decently durable and the design is incredible. The two ideas at play here are (1) weigh nothing, and (2) never take off your pack. The crampon holster and ski attachments are great little tricks.

Also – retail is only $84! That’s not too shabby for the lightest skimo pack on the planet.

While talking about packs I have to mention Cilo Gear. I’d read a lot about these packs made out of something like the tyvek that houses get wrapped in before they get siding. So I went over and felt up some packs… one of which was full of some dude’s stuff… not rocks. Anyway the stuff felt burly and light, Steve House uses it… and pays retail for it! After talking with the Cilo guys and getting pretty stoked about the packs they are making I headed over to the front for a little bouldering. I was in the locker room getting my wet socks off (first big dump of the year just in time for spring) and a guy walked in with one of their packs. So I had to quiz him. Bottom line: He has the 30l it looks tiny he boulders with 50lds of free weights in the thing. AND HE HAS HAULED IT AND IT LOOKS FINE. So yeah…burly.

Not so cheap. They seem to be indestructible, and at $500 they had better be!

Now on the light weight end of things I found myself giggling while I was hefting the La Sportiva skimo line. Just ridiculous! From their carbon boot to their super wide marshmallow weight early rise powder behemoths oh they also have a skimo race ski that is more like a carbon leaf spring. Someday maybe… but I’m really enjoying my current Dynafit Volkl setup.

The item i’m most at risk of buying in the near future is the Altra Lone Peak.

I’m a huge fan of the barefoot/minemalist/develop-good-technique running movement, but there are simply some textures of ground you can’t move quickly on with out some padding, no matter how tough your feet are. These guys look like the solution. I just started having dreams of running the zen trail… back to reality. I had a long chat with Seth, one of their product guys, who love to play on the trails in the Wasatch and I’m quite impressed with where their company is headed. I’ll have a review of them come spring.


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