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Friday Redux

So I’m a sucker for climbing films. The Girl and I have beeen swapping colds all week so I’ve been watching climbing videos more thatn climbing. But it helps my climbing!

Mayan Smith-Gobat climbing the Salathe Headwall from Andy Bardon on Vimeo.

Since visualization is a key part of performance in lots of sports I’m a big proponant of watching people do things right. Thanks to the millions of climbing films online I can watch Sharma, Ondra, Traversi, and others do moves I can’t yet do. Yesterday before work I was working a problem at the gym and there was a sequence I couldn’t figure out. Looking at the orientation of the holds and their positioning I remembered a snippet of a sequence I’d seen someone pull in the buttermilks or someplace like that. Then I could visualize the moves and get my body in the right place to make the moves link.

Ultimo dei Moicani from Michele Caminati on Vimeo.


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