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January Award: The Sickest Thing Done In January – Barefoot Kilimanjaro

Barefoot Kilimanjaro, the name sums it up. They went up the tallest mountain in Africa Barefoot.

The Science of Sport has a video diary. Amazing.

Watch this below then read and watch the full report. This may stand the test of time and be the best adventure of the year!

First read Ross’s post introducing the project and it’s unique challenges. Then dive in to the full report.

Here’s an excerpt to whet your whistles:

It would be wrong to say “anything is possible”, because that’s the stuff of fairytales, but this was so clearly possible IF we played the preparation cards right, that it was aproject worth doing only to show that sometimes, when we stop at identifying the problems, we limit ourselves so significantly to “conventional wisdom”.  I was taken aback by the strength of the sentiment AGAINST our goal.  I mean, sure, there would be challenges – the cold, the risk of frost-bite, the altitude, the terrain – but those are challenges that can easily be overcome through good planning, and I couldn’t understand that it was dismissed as “impossible” without thinking through those solutions first.


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