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Seeing Stars in My Google Reader

Loads of cool stuff coming across my Google Reader desk this last week or so.

First all of the news about the fair means ascent of what is known as Cerro Torre’s Compressor Route which I’ve given it’s own post.

On a totally unrelated note – If you don’t read the fat cyclist, that’s fine, but these two posts on fueling for endurance racing are worth your time:

Anti-Gut Rot Tips From the Pros: Guest Post by Dr. Allen Lim from Fat Cyclist by fatty

Avoid Gut Rot on Long Rides (Guest Post by Dr. Allen Lim) from Fat Cyclist by fatty

A kid from Australia sailed around the world The Kid is Alright from Outside Magazine

A not-too-heavy pack:  Osprey Karve Side Country Backpack Review from the GearCasterby Amy Jurries, and some silly light crampons that are deeply brilliant: RACE 290 from Go Light, Go Fast by CAMP by C.A.M.P. USA Inc.

And then there’s JENS Jens Voigt from Belgium Knee Warmers™ by Radio Freddy.


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