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When your day job becomes your night job…

Well more specifically I had to work late at my day job so I missed the latest edition of the Wasatch SkiMo series. Not happy about that, though I will take a LONG lunch at the climbing gym today.

I run on racing. So here’s a rundown of some of the good racing to be had around Salt Lake:

The Wasatch Citizen SkiMo Series: Free, fun, friendly… and the only regular skimo racing in UT. There is the Powder Keg, which I’m sure is fun, but it’s not a series and I’ve never done it… though I may this year.

UTCX: Well organized series, like a big happy family and the only full CX series to be had in the state. There are some shorter series that pop up each year but this is the one that’s been growing every year.

Utah State Championship Series: This is the one you want to do. Good venues, not far away, doesn’t take up all of your money and weekends.


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