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Winter riding in Colorado

The Girl and I decide it was time to head for the hills with some cached vacation time. So we headed off to drop in on some good friends who live up on Colorado’s west slope for some cold dry training rides.

A few tips of the hat are in order:
(1) the roads and bike paths in the Glennwood Springs / Carbondale area are beautiful, clean, low traffic, and perfect for winter riding.
(2) the area’s drivers couldn’t have been more courteous, which was an ENORMOUS relief slatted a decade of attempted murder on Utah roads.
(3) Sunlight ski resort has a great Sundance-with-fewer-pretensions vibe, and they allow uphill travel!

For my 30-40 degree kit I wore the following:
Specialized S-works shoes
Smartwool phd ski socks
Gator neoprene under-sock-toe covers
Pearl Izumi cyclone toe covers
Specialized knee warmers
Two pairs of capo bibs
Merino wool long sleeve shirt
Capo Long sleeve jersey
Sl rain cape (in pocket for descending)
Smartwool thin balaclava (rolled up like a beanie)
Prevail helmet and specialized glasses
Boss Arktik Extreame oil rig gloves.




These gloves are perfect for 27-40 degree riding. At this temperature you need a bit of insulation, waterproofing is nice, and 100% windproofing and these gloves deliver with distinction. The gloves are soft inside and the external coating is slightly sticky and stretchy with some breaking. I got them snug and they’ve broken in well. The elastic cuff is a perfect under glove. At $5-10 per pair this is a bit of gear you can’t pass up. It is the dexterity of these gloves that really sets them apart. They shift and break like bare hands and are easy to use pulling food from pockets etc. I think these may work their way into my kit for a broad range of activities.


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