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Suunto t6d

If you’re serious about moving fast in the mountains and tracking your training the t6d is an important option to consider.

Quick face-off with the Gamin elephant in the room:
Pros: it’s a watch, it can do gps, so bar-top or wrist-top it goes where you go, and it measures EVERYTHING but power.
Cons: no on the fly mapping and no power.

So if you’ve got a grand… or multiple grands to throw at power meters, and you want to train with power then go check out any number of reviews of power meters. However if you want to trail run, backcountry ski, bike, and swim and record cadence speed altitude HR and a host of other variables – then this watch is really great.

Moves count is a great way to understand your workouts and training load, while integration with training peaks is easy.

Now the problem. The sensors are always giving me grief. ALWAYS. Even the heart rate monitor. I just want to go through a simple set up and then forget about them… remember wired bike computers? I suppose that’s not a pleasant option for an HRM.


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