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Patagonia NOT PataGucci

I know it’s really rewarding to say that every established technical clothing brand is pretentious and only for rich people and over priced. Here’s why that’s wrong: I can score what to me is the ultimate “Action Suit” for the alpine for $250… retail.

Part of why these are cheap is that they are the lightest softshells that Patagonia makes. For me that’s just what I’m looking for. In fact I’ve been on a mission to find the lightest stuff out there this year. When I’m moving fast in the mountains I put off a lot of heat and water so I need a light breatheable set of softshells. I’ll be looking for these two pieces in a fit that is pretty trim but with enough space for an R3 layer under booth top and bottom.

I may opt for the Alpine guide pants over the Simple guide pants, though realistically I want both and my goals for next winter hopefully will justify them. The Alpine Guide Pants feature slightly thicker material – important for durability but not something I’m set on – and they feature a two position cuff and tiedown loops. This makes these pants far preferable for bootpacking and for use with a ski boot like the dynafit TLT5 where the buckle is rather high on the cuff. These features only cost $50 more.

I’m a little floored by the price.

If you’re really serious about moving fast in the back country, you don’t necessarily need the hottest new thing. You need light, you need reliable, and if you’re not really sponsored by anybody (we do get more help that we deserve from local shops and companies) then you need reasonable prices. It says a lot to me that these pieces are so affordably priced.


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