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SLC gets a positive review over Boulder!

I’m afraid I’ve become quite jaded by my work with Utah policy makers and elected folk. Then I read this from Walt of Waltworks:

Big news: Sarah was a huge hit, has been offered a job, and… we’re moving to Salt Lake. But not for 5 or 6 months.

We loved it there, and even made an offer on a house (sadly, we were outbid, so we’re still looking for a place near the U with room for me to build bikes).

Bottom line: in Salt Lake, you can ride your bike on basically any trail you want. You can take your well-behaved dog out on the trails without getting the stinkeye from the rich NIMBYs who drove alone to the trailhead in their giant cars, and the mountains themselves aren’t covered with houses and no trespassing signs. The air pollution is a bummer, and we’ll miss the bike paths here, but the bottom line is that after visiting, it’s really hard to choose Boulder if you like the outdoors.

It’s also pretty clear that CU loses badly to UofU in a direct comparison. While CU is raising tuition 15% a year (and giving giant raises to their administrators) and research is being done in crappy 60 year old buildings, the UofU has new, nice facilities designed specifically for the kind of research Sarah does (ie, you can move around without knocking things over, the climate controls work right, sinks are big enough for washing stuff, etc). We were super impressed with the professors and the facilities, and the overall morale of the students and postdocs. CU is great, but on the trajectory they’re on now, they’re being left behind.

Likely ETA in Salt Lake is mid to late August. I’m hoping the move will be relatively painless. I’m told, weirdly enough, that there is not a single framebuilder in the Salt Lake area, so if you’re excited to work with a local guy and live in Salt Lake, get on the waitlist now!

BTW, the picture is of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, which IMO *by itself* (all the locals say they only ride it when all the other trails are snowed in) beats the riding that you can do from town in Boulder.

So it looks like we are up a framebuilder this August… and now I’m remembering that there is a lot of good stuff out here.


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