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New Rope!

A picture of gear... because it will look better than the one of the rope below when it shows up in the mast head! Also... no idea where this came from but it is definitely not my intellectual property.

In my return to climbing it’s getting to be time to commit to the sharp end and get outdoors and start leading. So after consulting eveningsends and thesharp end and getting our REI dividend in the mail the Girl and I headed to the SLC REI (better selection and more knowledgeable staff than the Sandy REI. No offense. Also my good buddy Eric works there when he’s not being a professional rock star.

Since it’s been years since I was in the market for a rope I was very happy when everyone’s favorite author Andrew Bisharat, who should not be confused with a womp rat because everyone hates star wars, wrote a post on how to choose a climbing rope. Andrew addresses diameter, length and treatments, among other topics.

Since I’m just getting back in the game I decided to get a solid workhorse rope with a dry treated core. This ended up saving me some coin, which was part of my goal. I settled on the Maxim Equinox, a 10.2 dry core rope in a sixty meter length. It’s rated for nine falls, but not too heavy. As I start upping my game I’ll be in the market for some lighter, thinner, longer cord but at this point hangdogging and ease of use for my svelt belayer is a big deal. Since I’m not going to be on ice or alpine routes anytime soon a dry core seemed ample protection for emergencies while avoiding the dirt attraction of a dry sheath.

Jon at OnTheSharpEnd.com decided on a very nice bit of cord from Mammut based on Andrew’s criteria too. Worth a look as well.


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