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Winter/Cold/Wet Riding Gear

A snow storm is no excuse not to train, but if you are reaching for your 75$ softshell overshoes… don’t. Go ski. Go run. Don’t ride.

But for the rest of the times here are some recommendations:

Cold weather riding gear

Before I give you the full list, here are the top performers:

Warm, weather proof, and shiny!

(1) Pearl Izumi Barrier Lite Shoe Covers. Takes a little practice to get these on and off since they are like little plastic socks.Totally water proof and wind proof, and they go up high enough on your leg that they’ll keep spray from hitting your sock and wicking wetness into your shoe. paired with a water resistant tight you could do quite well on very wet rides. What you need the most out of a shoe cover is a wind break, your feet are working they just need to not have the convective and evaporative heat loss and you’ll be toasty for hours, as long as you are actually pedaling, and you preserve circulation in your feet. Since you’re wearing the shoes you ride in the summer and you fit them with a rather light weight sock, don’t try to cram a huge sock in there. You’ll lose circulation and make your feet colder. Go for a light wool sock like the deFeet Wooleator.
(2) Gloves. Lots of good options out there, none better in my opinion than these cold weather construction gloves. Really. Pearl Izumi has a lot of expensive options but none compair when it gets cold and wet.

Now for the list:
Specialized S-works shoes
deFeet Wooleators
Gator neoprene under-sock-toe covers
Pearl Izumi Barrier Lite
Specialized knee warmers
Two pairs of capo bibs
Merino wool long sleeve shirt (if temps are above 45 this will be too much)
Capo Long sleeve jersey (Great up to 60 degrees)
Sl rain cape (in pocket for descending)
Smartwool thin balaclava (rolled up like a beanie)
Prevail helmet and specialized glasses (Remember how well ventilated top of the line helmets are! make sure you have a hat when the temps get below 50, or when it’s wet and cool)
Boss Arktik Extreame oil rig gloves.

Today we rode at an upper endurance pace, it was windy and 45-55, I opted for a lighter hat, a summer jersey under my LS jersey in place of the wool shirt and one pair of bibs. I like double bibs for the first few long rides of the season while my “soft tissue” and skin gets reacquainted with the saddle.


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