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Training Notes and The Hell of the North

I need to get a race report for my Tarmac SL3 on test at the Hell of the North as was the Girl’s R3. It was her first road race! She ran 25mm tires for the course and I ran 23s. I’ll report this weekend.

Climbing training has been focused on climbing hard in the cave at the Front, big returns. In fact a few days ago I did one of the Girl’s psycho ab workouts, and did just fine having almost totally neglected “ab workouts” (I’m referring to crunchy type workouts, and by crunchy I don’t mean granola).

My ab training has focused on feel and variety, I’ve been mixing some yoga poses, hard bouldering, pull-ups and push-ups (modified to work abs), and hangboard work (also modified for ab work). The modifications I do for all pull-up work is just adding leg raises with the pullups and adding horizontal scissors to an open pike hang after a set of pullups. On the hang board I do some similar things during 12 second hangs. I also do lower extremity crunches during the hangs. Finally the major modification to pushups is that I raise one leg slightly by pointing the toe and lifting it from the floor and vary hand positions focusing on body tension. I combine boldering and these excercises to get a solid core and upper body workout three days a week. Back to the idea of feel, since bouldering can be quite varied in it’s demands I’ll use the other excersizes to supplement what I feel like I missed at the gym. I’ll also dial back a day or two when I feel like I need some recovery in order to send a project or two. Taking all of this together I’m creating a moderate progressive overload macro cycle that should work toward a peak this august just in time for a rest month from cycling where we can get outside and climb. And about two week micro cycles where I train power and hand strength, recover, push the limit of my climbing with a few days of sending very hard (for me V3-5) problems then a few days focused on endurance.

Right now my psych for climbing is much higher than for riding and racing. I think a lot of non-training stress (NTS) from work is messing with my recovery and my ability to quiet my mind on the bike. NTS is a much bigger factor that people realize, more on that some other time.

I know I made up all of the names of the excercises I’ve been doing. I’ll try to make a post on them happen in the near future… but no promises!


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