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Tires, quick race update, and some miscellany

I’ll have a full report at soon as the results are up, but the Girl and and I both made the walk-up section of the podium!

Now on to tires.

The Renegades on my Stupjumper (now they are on the Girl’s bike).

Since my last post the Girl has been running Specialized’s Renegare tubeless on her Easton Havens while I’ve been running the Fast Track, also tubeless, on my Roval’s. Both have been great for the transition from spring riding when hero dirt made the Renegade/Raven combo rideable. But now the temps are roaring toward 80+ and it’s time to think about summer conditions.

Well, WTB is one of the Girl’s clients and so she decides to shoot her contact there an email and see what he has to say about tires. His response blew my mind, so I’m going to post some excerpts:

Tires, always fun. Sandy-ish, around Salt Lake, dry and relatively hard soil with almost a loose crust on top I imagine.

Spot on! When I read that he had me hooked. A rep that know’s Salt Lake soil… I’m all ears (or eyes since I was reading the email with my eyes).

If you’re looking for a serious race setup, I’d go with a Wolverine 2.2 AM TCS front tire and a Nano 2.1 TCS rear tire. The reason I choose the Wolverine is that if things are hard beneath the slight bit of loose soil on top – as in almost rock beneath, the knobs on the Wolverine

are really well supported – even on the harder rock beneath, they

won’t squirm.

If you find that you’re dealing more with sandy conditions that are a

little bit deeper, I’d go with the Bronson 2.1 TCS as the front tire.

You need to be dealing with sand that’s deep enough for the isolated

blocks of the Bronson to be able to truly sink in through enough depth

to provide grip. Don’t run the Bronson if you’ve got mostly rock hard

type soil or rock lying right beneath your sand because the outer

knobs can feel less than ideal on extremely hard surfaces.

Not only did he nail the dust-on-crust conditions, his estimation of the Branson echo’s perfectly what I read over at Twenty Nine Inches, however now that I read this, they might just be running the wrong tire – admitedly something that thrives on rocks and sand seems like it should be run south of Price in the Northern Mojave (St George and Moab etc).

Either way, run the Nano 2.1 TCS on the rear, it is fast no matter what, very consistent, awesome rear tire, especially for race

applications. …Your wheels are UST and all our TCS tires use a TCS bead and adhere to UST measurement in diameter so TCS is the right choice for you.

Here are links to the tires in question:

The Nano.

The Wolverine.

And now some miscellany:

Gear:30 Just got back from Rainer and has some great posts on gear choices: Rainier Gear Regrets

Will Gadd, climber of ice and rock has some good tips on climbing AND has made the leap to 29ers!

Great canyoneering resources: Biner Blocks, Pull Cords and All That Jazz


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