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Back in the saddle – quick review on grips and gloves.

Been hitting the trails at the north end of the Salt Lake Valley. They are pretty rocky and steep, and as it happens I’m a fan of the rocky and steep stuff.

Quick gear note: Gloves and grips.

First thing is you have to think about these as a system. Because it’s ultimately how they work together that will matter to you.

I’m running ESI chunky grips and a pair of thin SixSixOne gloves. This set up has performed well on rides up to three hours (haven’t been on any longer than that this season… it’s been a weird season).Image

Some highlights: The gloves have a nice thin palm, very breathable back, and nice thumb patch. For me MTB gloves are all about protecting your hands from cuts and blisters, because  tire pressure, fork set-up and grips should take care of most of the padding work. Maybe this is personal preference but for anything under 5 hours I don’t really want any big pads under my hands. On a longer ride, like the High Cascades 100 I’ll roll out in something like this and then switch to a more padded road-style glove.

As far as the ESI grips go, I’ll admit that when things get longer than five hours I do want a little bit under my hand, and opt for and Ergon, but otherwise I would ride these bare handed with no worries… except for it I have to put a hand in the dirt, or get whipped by twigs, or on a really washboarded bit bump my shifters too much.

So this is a highly recommended setup again with the sub-five-hour caveat.


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