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Waiting for a break in the rain.

Just waiting for the rain to let up so I can jump on the bike for about two hours. Then back to billing clients, but in the meantime I’ve got some good stuff I’ve turned up from my google reader.

Huge fan of Dave MacLeod!

Mystic Stylez 8C – Excerpt from DAVE from Polished Project on Vimeo.

And of Jimmy Chin, a fellow SE Minnesotan! I wonder if he ever came into the Gym while I was working. There were a lot of quiet hard-folk that would drift through in the winter.

A Video Profile of Photographer Jimmy Chin from Evan Swinehart on Vimeo.

Then a cool article “Age is More than a Number” from another mid-west-sider, Climbing Narc.

A little second hand quoting from ROck and Ice:

Odette redpointed his first 5.12 at age 34, his first 5.13 at 37, and first 5.14 at 44, and said that aging pushed him to develop better systems of training, preparation, and nutrition. “If climbers stay active and focused,” he says, “they can transcend the common misconception that with aging, physical performance levels tend to go down. Climbing is a sport that lends itself to continued growth with aging.”

We’ll I’m back to 11a and just about to turn 30, so I’m a little ahead of the Odette curve… I guess at the inconsequential end though. Amazing that the guy’s been climbing 14 for a decade, but that decade started when he was 44!

Rain might be letting up… maybe.


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