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Training: Model T

Today’s Skimo Training is Cadence and Transitions.

Thanks to skitrack.com and North American Champion Reiner Thoni for the how-to on transitions. I’ll have to think about Brian Harder’s toe-rip mod for my skis.


The Death of My OffSeasons

I got bit by a new racing bug. Did my first Skimo race.

Lifted from Jason Dorais's Blog... If he was taking pictures while charging like he was, then....

This discipline has really captured my imagination like couch(resort) skiing never could! I think it’s really like the mountain biking that I do. I’d never waste my time with lifts for my mountain biking so why would I on skis?

Speaking of things that capture my imagination:

SILVER SURFER from CAMP USA Inc. on Vimeo.

Laps at Brighton!

Caught the 9:48 AM bus up big cottonwood canyon to Brighton. Skinned to the top of the crest lift then skied Thunder Road to the Snake Creek Express then took the really long and kind of wrong way up to Great Western Express. There I bumped into a dude named Tom who knows my old boss, Racer, we chatted and I got super cold. My hands were saved by some extremely packable mitts from Patagonia via my lil sister. On the down (endless winter) I think I saw Jared Inouye… Then he nearly caught me on the next lap.

Great day out. Also I’m stoked to realize that an AT setup comes with a season pass to Brighton!

Here’s the data from my suunto:

26 ft/min (including transitions and conversations)

Great day out at a sustainable pace!

2012 Training Week 1

After a few years of racing and training hard on bikes I’ve worked up a good bit of stagnation. The plan this year is to add in some running, climbing, and skiing to keep things fresh. I’ve worked out a pretty good approach in my head. I’ll spend a few posts getting that all out there but here’s what I’m starting with (note I’m not REALLY detrained, even though I haven’t been racing I’ve been skining, riding and climbing… but not running).

Monday (Power):
Lunch at the Front – 1hr on very overhung routes after warming up and 3-10 tries on the crimpy project.
15 min run
30 spinx, 30 leg raises
Leg Blasters (via getstrongergolonger.com)

Tuesday (endurance):
40 min spin – 130-140 hr
Stretch/rolling pin/foam roller
30 problems at the front (15 at lunch, 15 after dinner), sets of five) – focus on fluid efficient movement and not getting pumped in the set.

Wednesday: Off

15 Minute run
3-10 tries on TBD project at lunch. Then work repeats focus on footwork 30 Problems after dinner.
Leg raises, spinx.


Something in zone 2 for 2 hours

Run Corner Canyon trails before christmas at the inlaws – 40 minutes.