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Trip Plans

RSS mess

I’ve not been able to keep up with the really amazing stuff that’s been coming through my RSS feeds lately. So I’m gonna dump it here and now.

First, David Lama is going to blow up alpine climbing. Big time. Here’s a taste of things to come. freeing the compressor route was just the beginning.

So they used ice tools on their ascent and Will Gadd knows a thing or two about holding and swinging them tools. Here’s a post with a very clear title: How to hold an ice tool.

Kelly Cordes, rumored to climb ice, approves of David Lama (he said so on Facebook so it must be true) and Maurice Sendak.

The best thing I’ve ever read on climbing injuries, because it quotes all the other best things I’ve read on climbing injuries. Get well soon Dave MacLeod!

Boots don’t fit? Lace’em gooder!

Five things. A Cold Thistle guest post.

Soloing is cool if you’re good at it.



‘cross calendars

Just got an email from the Girl – linking to the NoTubes team cross schedule, it’s a good list of the bigger events that are going on in North America leading up to Louisville.

Here’s the list:

Date Race City State
7/24/12 Raleigh’s Midsummer Nights Park City WA
9/15/12 Nittany Lion Cross, C2 Breiningsville PA
9/16/12 Nittany Lion Cross, C2 Breiningsville PA
9/19/12 CrossVegas, C1 LasVegas NV
9/22/12 USGP C1 Sun Prairie WI
9/23/12 USGP C2 Sun Prairie WI
10/13/12 USGP C1 Fort Collins CO
10/14/12 USGP C2 Fort Collins CO
10/20/12 DownEast Cross C2 New Gloucester ME
10/21/12 DownEast Cross C2 New Gloucester ME
10/20/12 Spooky Cross Irvine CA
10/21/12 Spooky Cross Irvine CA
10/27/12 Boulder Cup C2 Boulder CO
10/28/12 Colorado Cup C2 Boulder CO
11/02/12 Cincy 3 Cincinnati OH
11/03/12 Cincy 3 Cincinnati OH
11/04/12 Cincy 3 Cincinnati OH
11/10/12 USGP C1 Louisville KY
11/11/12 USGP C2 Louisville KY
11/17/12 Canadian Nationals Stevenson BC
11/18/12 Canadian Nationals Stevenson BC
11/17/12 Super Cross Cup C2 East Meadow NY
11/18/12 Super Cross Cup C2 East Meadow NY
12/02/12 CXLA Los Angeles CA
12/03/12 CXLA Los Angeles CA
12/8/12 USGP C1 Bend OR
12/9/12 USGP C1 Bend OR
1/10/13 National Championships Madison WI
1/11/13 National Championships Madison WI
1/12/13 National Championships Madison WI
1/13/13 National Championships Madison WI
1/29/13 World Championships Louisville KY
1/30/13 World Championships Louisville KY
1/31/13 World Championships Louisville KY
2/1/13 World Championships Louisville KY
2/2/13 World Championships Louisville KY

This is as much for me to keep track of the dates as it is for you. We’ll be attempting to get to a few of these while we work on getting the Girl back from injury and into the big show!

Quick Post-Zion Post

Just wrapping up the unpacking from this weekend’s Zion National Park run.

Thanks to RR’s impecable planning, and a great group of friends, I’m going to struggle to cover everything that we did. Here’s what we did and some quick lessons:

Day 1, Orderville:

Its all about the shoes – all river hiking/canyoneering is this deservers it’s own post. Bring a short rope and harnesses for the whole party. There is one obstacle that is a heinous down climb or so you can a cake walk rappel. Just tie a stone, and have people rap right on top of each other (with some care of course) and you can get a big group through the obstacle really quickly. Plan on several hours… like nine and expect to be doing a bit of bouldery down-climbing into water. One of the best adventures you can have on a day hike! I liked having one collapsable trekking pole for the long rough beginning and end.

DAy 2-3, The Narrows:
Light is right. This isn’t a really long walk it’s just a rough walk. So leave as much behind as you can. Consistently one of my favorite things is getting to camp in the narrows and just drinking in the canyon.

Day 4, Pine Creek: Don’t panic, and shoes. Again shoes are important… very important. The last mile of hiking is VERY bouldery, and I’d recommend an approach shoe that climbs well because there isn’t much walking on this “trail.”Also, that last rappel, yes you should be careful, but don’t panic. It’s not that exposed and it’s only free for ten feet, and you’ve just done two 65′ raps to get there so carry a 10.5 mm rope, have a fireman’s belay at the bottom use an ATC guide (because it’s awesome) and enjoy the view. And look down because it’s less tall than the pictures make it look. This isn’t the place to figure out how to do canyon stuff so make sure that you’re with someone who knows what they are doing.

Planning for Moab

Corona Arch near Moab, Utah

My sister’s birthday is coming up. So we are taking a trip. She’s studying phtography so I thought I’d get her down south for some arch snapping.

Planning Materials

My plan:

Goals: Get in some good bouldering, take lil’ A (my sister) on a tour of some of what Moab has to offer. Give her the opportunity to shoot some awesome sandstone.

Thursday 6:00 AM: Hit the road with coffee.

10:00 AM Arrive  in Moab, UT. Set up camp at Big Bend. I’ll do most of the work and let lil’ A just shoot all she wants.

10:15/10:30 Hit Negro Bill canyon and walk up to Morning Glory arch. This arch is one of the big shooting opportunities of the trip. Since it’s really spectacular at sunrise I’m hoping this hike will give us a good sense for how long the walk will take and help us find our way because were going to be walking there in the dark!


Bouldering, Fissure towers, maybe shoot them in the sunset.

Then hit the big bend boulders till dark.

Friday AM – Sunrise shoot at Morning Glory arch. Check out corona and bowtie. Hit the boulder in the parking lot. Check out the petroglyphs. on the road home by noon.